Biological Ag products with a destiny for growth​

Growup Organics makes and distributes a range of sustainable soil regeneration products 

Compost Solutions



ECOBLEND product range is a fantastic balanced blend of unique products from the South Burnett area.

This compost exceeds strict Australian standards and is a completely organic input.

While the agronomy is a beautifully balanced amendment for our soils, our focus has been creating diversity and balance with beneficial soil microbes that will go to work for your business, solubilizing precious elements locked in your soil and supressing diseases.

Nutri-Tech Solutions

Growup Oganics are proud distributors for the world leaders in Biological farming products, Nutri Tech Solutions. We offer NTS's full range of liquid fertilizers, micronized products, Humates, Human health and Animal health products.

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Premium Gypsum, Rock Phosphates & Aglimes


Premiun soil conditioners sourced from Australias best quality mines. Economic bulk amendments that keep working in your soil for years after application.

Compost Tea

Compost Tea,

An easy and cost effective system that populates a living workforce for your soil to bring it to life. Imagine Billions & Billions of beneficial bacteria and fungi working tirelessly for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week- Think Compost Tea.

At around $10/Ha its hard to ignore.

Contact us to purchase everything you need to brew up a tea or to see if you have the required gear already.

We can show you how to brew and target the right sorts of bacteria and fungi for your needs.